Licensed IP event with +21% revenue

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Cookie Jam’s Family Feud Sweepstakes event combined the Family Feud IP with a highly interactive mini-game to increase revenue by +21% 2Wo2W and downloads by 40K (or +110% 2Wo2W). This download growth was driven by being featured in several categories on the App Store.

During this event, players beat levels on the first try to trigger rounds of a Family Feud mini-game. Each round, players choose between two possible answers to a survey question on a game board.

Picking the correct answer adds a raffle ticket to the game board’s prize bundle; however, the correct answer is added to the game board regardless of which answer players choose. Filling all the answers on the board awards a boost, 10 raffle tickets, and any extra raffle tickets earned by players. At the end of the event, a raffle awards $10,000 to one player.

Combine licensed IP with interactive events to retain new players.

The licensed IP and popularity of Family Feud helped Cookie Jam get featured on the App Store, which generated the download growth around this event. But because featured downloads are likely slightly outside your target demographic, it is important to release events that will boost early retention and drive spend from new players. 

This is where the highly interactive mini-game comes into play. According to research, when players interact with a promotion, they remember the brand better, like it more, are more likely to buy from it, and are more likely to tell their friends about it.

Make mini-games easy to play but hard to master.

Since players will lose interest if a novel mechanic is too far outside of their comfort zone, Family Feud Sweepstakes creates an accessible experience by having players pick an answer from two options—rather than coming up with an answer themselves. And because the board fills no matter which answer players choose, players can earn most of the mini-game rewards simply by beating Cookie Jam levels on the first try. 

Then, by awarding extra tickets for correct answers, Cookie Jam creates a worthwhile incentive for players who want a challenge. To boost revenue in similar mini-games, consider offering extra difficult rounds that players can purchase.

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