Bet-up mechanics in puzzle

A new accelerator feature in Solitaire Grand Harvest contributed to a staggering +131% 2Mo2M revenue increase. The feature succeeds by letting players set their own stakes for levels and boosting progress in live events. See the full Casual Report for our complete analysis.

Booster Mode allows players to choose between three bet-up tiers before each level. The two higher tiers make levels cost more but increase the rewards from levels and events.

Helping players find the right intensity

When players choose their own risks and rewards, they can more precisely tailor each play session to their desired experience. This type of customization increases engagement: Research shows that finding the right level of intensity for each player is key to creating enjoyable gameplay.

Features and events benefit from the addition of bet-up mechanics, too. For example, AFK Arena’s Abyssal Expedition added bet-ups to events by selling a premium pass that effectively allowed players to bet on their performance during the event. These events averaged +18% revenue 23Do23D for the first three releases.

Goal-oriented bets

Research suggests that players are more likely to increase their bets when bet-up rewards help them reach specific goals. Booster Mode applies this principle by awarding additional collection items that players need for events like My Farm and the Golden Apple Tournament.

This direct connection to event goals helps explains why Booster Mode had such a massive impact. The feature’s +131% 2Mo2M revenue increase is even more impressive when compared to other accelerator features in the casualmarket, which actually averaged a negative revenue impact of -1.4% MoM during the past year.

Video Insights

This month’s video insights examine three mission events in Disney Magic Kingdoms that averaged over +100% revenue each for their 2–3 week durations, which we analyzed in last month’s Casual Report. Watch the video to learn how to make collections more meaningful by giving players a reason to return to past items and making those items personal to each player.

Download the full Casual Report for our complete analysis and other notable releases.

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