Quantifying Player Engagement

How does a player come to love a game? By analyzing the behavior of millions of Candy Crush Saga players scientists quantified progression and churn as a competition between relative difficulty and engagement. From 2014 to 2016 scientists studied a cohort of almost 12 million Candy Crush Saga players. Scientists used the accumulated number of attempts […]

Four Ideas to Improve Your Tutorial

Like the opening credits of a film, the tutorial is often a wasted opportunity. Regardless of how easy you think your game is, the tutorial is the player’s first experience with your game, and it counts. 75% of mobile users who download a game only open it once. Here are four ways to put your […]

Grow a Strong Community Around Your Game

Community engagement is a massive part of any game developer’s marketing strategy, and the goals are simple–engage players, let them enjoy the game on multiple levels, and encourage them to support the devs and tell their friends. Here are IronSource LevelUp’s key tips to help you grow your community. Live Stream Broadcast weekly live streams […]

In-Game Ads Beat Banner Ads for Viewability

A collaboration between the advertising platform Anzu and the cybersecurity firm CHEQ revealed in-game ads outperform traditional banner ads by 23%. In December 2019, 408,000 unique users were exposed to ads in 20 diverse games using geo and real-time targeting. CHEQ reported that over 80% of players targeted saw 95% of in-game ads for at […]

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