Mobile Game Features with Potential

Every once in a while we stumble across fresh features that have yet to gain popularity. Here are five emerging features that have the potential to go mainstream. Unlimited Rerolling in Initial Gacha Recent Japanese releases allow players to reroll their initial Gacha pull unlimited times without having to repeatedly remove and download the game. […]

2019 Puzzle App Monetization

The casual, stage-based gameplay of puzzle games makes the genre perfect for interstitial and rewarded ads. Here is the breakdown of puzzle app monetization, and its success across demographics.       AppAnnie reported that last year global puzzle game IAP revenue reached $4.5 billion, which was +18% YoY. IAP revenue for match-three puzzle games accounted […]

Optimizing UA with Horizontal Segmentation

From pickles to Prego, Howard Morowitz’s concept of horizontal segmentation has improved customer satisfaction and increased sales across industries. Developing player personas, like those found here at Liquid and Grit, will let you market the right game to the right gamer. Horizontal segmentation–the concept that customers respond to more diverse product options–holds the following tenets: […]

Covid-19 Virus Drives Gaming Trends in China

As the Covid-19 virus spreads, Chinese citizens have turned to gaming apps to fight cabin fever and stay connected with their friends. Check out our deconstructs of Chinese apps now offered in the Reports category. AppAnnie shows gaming apps have led app downloads in China since the outbreak of Covid-19. Since 1/20, Five old-school social […]

Flavourworks’ Erica Aims to Get Your Mom Gaming

More interactive film than traditional full motion video game, Jack Attridge’s Erica offers game developers insights from the realm of cinema. Attridge believes FMV games represent a UA opportunity if marketed more to new players than seasoned gamers. Balancing Art Forms Basic interactive features of FMV and narrative games interrupt the language of cinema. To […]

EA Reports Decline in Mobile Digital Revenue

Electronic Arts’ mobile digital net revenue decreased by $51M during Q3 2019. The company attributes losses in mobile bookings to aging titles. EA’s 2019 digital net revenue was -$3M YoY. The majority of the firm’s mobile revenue loss in 2019 came from live services, which fell $124M. EA pins a 13% ($83M) decrease in mobile […]

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