Key differences between MyTona’s Ravenhill and their top grossing app, Seekers Notes, include: Lives, Custom Design Mechanics, UI, Event-Based Currency, and Guilds.

Key Differences: Ravenhill vs. Seekers Notes

  • Lives vs. Energy: Players in Ravenhill are given five Lives, which regenerate every 30 3 minutes and are only used when players fail a Level (1). In Seekers Notes, Energy is used when players attempt a Level.
  • Custom Design Mechanics: In Ravenhill, players can customize Avatars with a variety of facial features (2).
  • Autoplay Quests: Quests in Ravenhill are automatically selected when a players hits ‘play’ (3). In Seekers Notes, multiple Quest icons give players the choice of Quest.
  • Event-Based Currency: After Level 20, Ravenhill players earn Tickets during events to purchase and collect Statuettes (4). In Seekers Notes, event Currencies are only available for a limited time.
  • Guilds: At Level 10, Ravenhill players may join a Guild, allowing members to Chat or request Lives from other members (5). Guilds are not yet available in Seekers Notes … but noted in the App Store as ‘coming soon’.

Product Council Insights

  • Using Lives over Energy is a subtle, but notable change … taxing players only for failing Levels makes the game feel more fair.
  • Joining a Guild is a leading indicator that a player will have strong, long-term retention with the game.

Additional Features

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