In the last decade, building-block games have blurred the line between player and developer. David George and Marc Andreessen explain why, for this reason, Roblox is leading the gaming industry into the future.

  • Without the risks of traditional top-down game publishing, Roblox has grown a community of over 2 million active developers.
  • Roblox achieves a special combination of social virality and network effects by providing opportunities for both beginners and veterans.
    • Social networks grow naturally through friend groups.
    • The creator/player network effects mean there is a loop of players attracting more creators, and vice versa.
  • Roblox also provides opportunities for users to become entrepreneurs by monetizing their games.
    • To this end, Roblox developers earned over $110 million in 2019 alone.
  • These design characteristics and expansion into non-English markets make Roblox fertile ground for the metaverse.

Full Andreessen Horowitz article 

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