Take players back only one step in a win-streak mechanic. Increase non-savable boosts awards as players progress

  • Candy Crush Soda Saga’s Rainbow Road features five Super Bows to collect, each with increasing boosts awards (image 1).
  • Players collect Super Bows by completing new levels without losing a life. After a new level is achieved, a notification appears displaying the new Super Bow and boosts awarded (image 2).
  • Boosts for Super Bows are added at the beginning of each new level to help players keep their winning streak going (image 3).
  • The final Super Bow to collect is the Rainbow Bow. This includes 15 minutes of unlimited lives and the highest boosts awards (image 4).
  • Quitting, or failing to complete a level, triggers a ‘Keep Going’ dialogue and the loss of one Super Bow level. Players may choose to purchase the ‘Keep Going’ option for a chance to keep the Super Bow level (image 5).
  • Levels completed with active Super Bows are visible on the map with rainbows (image 6).
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