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Epic Games’ decision to bypass the Google Play Store indicates a shift in power from platforms to developers. If Epic Games’ direct-to-web strategy is successful, this will lead to profit growth for developers

Breakout App: Bricks N Balls

Bricks N Balls’ growth is driven by innovative gameplay. The app has not received major Featuring and still has massive amounts of downloads. The top in-app purchase removes ads for $2.99 but the majority of revenue is driven by currency purchases

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Table of Contents


  • Content is King
  • Breakout App: Bricks N Balls


  • Month-Long Event Calendar
  • Team Tournaments
  • UGC Events With Twitch


  • Achievements
  • Farm Club


  • New Level Designs


  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Player Motivations
  • Puzzle Personas
  • Data Collection Process

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