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7/1/18 – 7/31/18

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Candy Crush SagaVIP Gift BagEach Gold Bag purchase gives a 5% Gold Bar bonus and boosters added to a gift bag located at the end of a player’s current episode
Toon BlastTerms of Service / Privacy Policy UpdateToS / Privacy Policy Update
Toon BlastTeam TournamentTeam members play to collect more cumulative Stars than other Teams in the tournament pool
Toon BlastMissilesMissiles are uncovered from cases by adjacent, popped cubes. Subsequent adjacent popped cubes launch the Missiles, which destroy hazards or random cubes
Candy Crush Soda SagaSponsored AdsPop-up ads with dialogues invite players to visit websites, which sometimes have special offers
Candy Crush Soda SagaGolden TicketsPlayers beat Hard or Super Hard levels to collect Golden Tickets and unlock a 24 hour deal on a bundle of Gold Bars, timed unlimited boosts, and boost inventory items
Toy BlastRockTo remove Rocks, players use Rotors (line-clearing boosts) or TNT (explosive boosts) to hit and crack the Rocks. Subsequent matches adjacent to Rocks will remove the Rocks and collect Crystals
HomescapesLeaguesA tiered leaderboard feature for competitive events
HomescapesAbove the CloudsA streak event. Players beat levels in one try for boost rewards
HomescapesAnything for FriendsA timed special sale offering various purchase bundles
GardenscapesDecorIn-game decorations purchased with GardenCash. (A reskin of Fishdom’s Unique Decorations)
GardenscapesGardenCashAn in-game currency used to purchase decorations (a reskin of Fishdom’s Vouchers)
GardenscapesDaily Spinner UpdatePlayers can now choose when to spin the Daily Spinner
FishdomAchievement Removal AlertAn in-app announcement regarding the removal of Achievements (to be replaced with an unannounced feature)
FishdomSummer SalePlayers can pick 1 of 3 sales offers. The 1st is free, and an additional gift is awarded if players accept all 3 offers (reskin of Valentine’s Day Sale)
Angry Birds 2RV There Yet?The newly released Camping Hat set has a x13 bonus score multiplier during this hat release event
Angry Birds 2Piggy MailIn-game mail function added to app (an inbox feature)
Angry Birds 2Tribal MaskA new hat collection, released without release event
Angry Birds 2Open Source UpdateOSS button added to main screen, linking to Rovio’s and affiliated companies’ OS pages and licenses
Angry Birds 2Black Pearl PartyDuring the event, all Black Pearl awards are doubled
Angry Birds 2Birthday AdventurePlayers complete a small level map to win progressive rewards. Only birds wearing Birthday Set hats can participate
Candy Crush Jelly SagaDaily BoostsA daily boost update: daily boosts collected are now timed and available for 2 hours (not added to player inventories)
Legendary Game of HeroesThe N3tworkA social app designed around and integrated into the game. (Existed earlier, but officially announced to fans on 7/3/18)
Legendary Game of HeroesLegend TrialsAn event feature for high-level players, awarding bonuses for the use of 2nd Generation heroes
Legendary Game of HeroesLegendary Beach PartyA summer-themed event featuring various collection items, cards, and updates
Legendary Game of HeroesSkill QueuePlayers can queue up several battle skills consecutively
Legendary Game of HeroesTeam Selection UpdateThe Raid Boss preparation screen now lets players select and edit teams
Legendary Game of HeroesSlayer Assault EventsAn event type added to the game, featuring progressive maps and item unlocks
Panda PopZen GardenPlayers collect Stars to purchase and upgrade a Zen Garden, which produces and increases boosts
Panda PopBooster Price ChangeAll boosters receive a permanent 33-75% discount
Word CrossyWin Parent-Child SuitAn in-app message for a community page contest
Cookie JamAmazon Prime DayAmazon Prime members receive a booster package on Amazon Prime Day
Cookie JamCookie CalendarA daily bonus feature with 7-day login streak bonuses
Cookie JamUI / UX UpdateUI / UX update to the store, UI with booster, and package grouping and categorization
Cookie JamDonut TimePlayers beat levels to collect Donuts and fill a prize meter
Merge DragonsPet EventPlayers complete merge quests to collect event items and Pet Dragons
Farm Heroes SagaFarm Club AdjustmentThe Farm Club Companion button feature is disabled for players at high levels
Farm Heroes SagaDaily TreatA daily boost/gift login feature
Gummy DropOdds DisclosureWheel spin odds are displayed
Gummy DropSpace CampPlayers complete a space-themed event level map to collect items
Disney Emoji BlitzOdds DisclosureEmoji drop rates are displayed in each prize box’s dialogue
Disney Emoji Blitz101 Dalmatians Item Card EventPlayers play levels to collect special 101 Dalmation Emojis, with a Tic-Tac-Toe collection mechanic to collect 3 in a row for a prize meter reward (reskin of Emperor’s New Groove event)
Disney Emoji Blitz2nd AnniversaryPlayers complete challenges, playing levels to collect special retro Emojis, and receive 1 free anniversary box each day for logging in
Disney Emoji BlitzWorld Emoji DayPlayers play levels to collect Emojis in celebration of World Emoji Day
Disney Emoji BlitzSummer Holiday Item Card EventPlayers play levels to collect special Christmas in July Emojis
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle800,000 Fan Page Likes Reached!An event celebrating 800,000 Facebook fan page likes
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle3rd Anniversary CelebrationA month-long event of daily sub-events and special event sales
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan BattlePorunga Dragon Ball CampaignPlayers complete an in-app scavenger hunt with hints to find Dragon Balls for rewards
Matchington MansionGame Map ButtonA main screen UI / UX button for a map of game locations
Matchington MansionBeach PartyAn event featuring summer-themed collection items
Home Design Makeover!Furniture ElementsFurniture elements are covered by Glass tiles, which break after 1 or more matches are made above them. After all Glass covering a Furniture element is cleared, the Furniture is collected from the board
Home Design Makeover!RocketMatching 4 elements in a line or 2 x 2 square, creates a Rocket tile on the board. When a subsequent match is made on top of the tile, the tile disappears and fires a line to clear an impeding element from the board
Home Design Makeover!Boost SelectionA level entry dialogue update allows players to select boosts for a level
Home Design Makeover!July ’18 UI / UX UpdateUI / UX update
Home Design Makeover!Flower PotTo remove a Flower Pot, matches or boosts must clear space below the Flower Pot and allow it to fall to and from, the board’s bottom
Home Design Makeover!Limited Time ChallengesPlayers make matches and beat levels to collect Coupons (event currency) and perform various makeover quests
Wizard of Oz Magic MatchFireworks CollectionPlayers beat levels and collect Rockets to fill tiers of meters for progressive rewards (4th of July event)
Wizard of Oz Magic MatchPurple Flowers CollectionPlayers beat levels and collect Purple Flowers to fill tiers of meters for progressive rewards
Wizard of Oz Magic MatchTinman’s Hat CollectionPlayers beat levels and collect Tinman hats to fill tiers of meters for progressive rewards
Bubble Witch 3 SagaLevel TipsA link to video tips at the King Support website appears in post-level dialogues when levels are failed
Bubble Witch 3 SagaFairy DashPlayers attempt to beat levels before other players in the tournament pool
Bubble Witch 3 SagaMedalsAn achievement feature with upgradeable medals
Bubble Witch 3 SagaRainbow RushAfter players target a bubble with the Rainbow Rush boost, the boost removes all bubbles of the targeted bubble’s color from the screen
Bubble Witch 3 SagaShooting StarThe Shooting Star boost removes a group of same-colored bubbles after players target the group
Bubble Witch 3 SagaLucy’s DiscoveryPlayer’s complete levels for rewards and new boosts
Best FiendsVolatile Valley UpdateNewly-added levels after the conclusion of the World Map (level 1000) give double rewards every fifth level
Best FiendsFort of Hard KnocksA challenge event with secret missions, with a featured animated short on YouTube
Best FiendsMinutian Film FestivalA special sale as part of the Minutia Film Festival event
Seekers Notes Hidden MysteryFoundation DayPlayers complete search quests to collect special event items (reskin of usual monthly event release with multiple mini events)
WWE ChampionsDual Trainer SkillsSome Superstars now have more ways to boost their special moves
WWE ChampionsFaction InvasionA node-based map team vs. team tournament feature
WWE ChampionsRoad to SummerSlamA tournament event featuring sub-events and updates
Hidden City Mystery of ShadowsHunting for the MediumPlayers complete search quests to collect special event items (reskin of usual monthly event release with multiple mini events)
Hidden City Mystery of ShadowsGlass TrapAn event featuring 35 challenges with 5 event-specific collections
Hidden City Mystery of ShadowsExcavationsPlayers swap crystals on a match-3 board to uncover and collect items
Angry Birds MatchPirate IslandPlayers complete a level map to earn rewards and unlock Challenge Mode (reskin of usual event)
Puzzle & Dragons77.77M Downloads EventAn event celebrating 77.77 million app downloads
Puzzle & DragonsPointsA system of ‘+ Points’ are now used to enhance (upgrade) player cards
Puzzle & DragonsJuly ’18 UpdateAn update featuring various events, notable app tweaks, and new features
Puzzle & DragonsPersona CollabA collaboration event featuring collectible character cards from the Persona video game series
Puzzle & DragonsKing of Fighters CollabA collaboration event featuring collectible character cards from the King of Fighters video game series

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