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  • Revenue Driving Features
  • Downloadable Economy Spreadsheets
  • Player Persona Reports
  • Live Ops Trends
  • Failed Features to Avoid
  • Scientific-Backed Recommendations


Liquid & Grit Drives Higher Performance at Every Stage of the Product Process

From creating roadmaps to writing your product specs, our reports and online tools ensures you’ll crush your quarterly goals.

Drive better results with our revenue drivers.

Select features, events, and content to hit more KPIs.

Make product owners wildly effective.

Everything your product team need to execute an effective spec.

Manage your roadmap with more predictability.

Get insights into which features work and where to fine tune.

“We used Liquid and Grit’s economy reports to rebalance our app’s economy. The results were incredible! We saw an 800 basis points improvement in our D1 retention and 400 basis points improvement in our D30 retention.
The Liquid and Grit’s economy report allowed us to rebalance our economy in days instead of weeks. We also increased the time spent in-app per active user by 57% percent.”
Christina Osmun

Director of Product at GSN

“Liquid and Grit reports are must-read material for product owners in gaming.”
Niko Vuori

COO at Rocket Games

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