RPG Report: The Club Challenge Event That Helped Boost Revenue +88%

This report divulges significant updates and insights about the current mobile RPG market. Some of the highlights:

  • Club challenge event Crucible of War helped increase Star Trek Fleet Command’s revenue by 88% and downloads by 29% for its three-day duration.
  • In interviews with 20 mobile RPG players, we found that both casual and hardcore players want to see more inclusive club events.
  • RPG revenue shot up in April, and Summoners War topped the list with a +71.5% MoM revenue increase—over four times the average growth rate.
  • Among tracked apps, collection feature investment is up +33% so far in 2020 compared to the last four months of 2019.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins by Netmarble Corporation is a new anime adaptation that includes fully voiced cutscenes with the original cast of actors and AR integration that lets players take pictures with their characters.

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