6 Revenue-Boosting Trends in Q1 2020

In Q4 2019 and Q1 2020, several impactful trends emerged across the puzzle, RPG, and casino genres. In this report, we analyze six such developments and provide relevant data as well as tips on implementing them to increase revenue.

Apps with built-in video chat features and other social mechanics have skyrocketed following COVID-19 social distancing measures. Other successful features currently trending across genres include streamlined UIs that guide players and show completed tasks, custom design events that combine event currencies and IAP bundles, leveling boosts, and features that allow access to old events.

On the business and marketing front, Amazon Prime integration and unconventional but strategic cross-promotions have recently been utilized to expand players’ lifetime value and even go viral. Controversial ad campaigns, too, are being used to generate virality and create online buzz. Read on to delve deeper into these six emerging trends with examples and expert insights.

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