Casino Report: The collection feature with pass that was +13% 44Do44D

In Voyage Journal, players collect cards to advance in four different progressions: a card album, a battle pass reward meter, a series of explorable areas, and a leveling system with boosts.
The adventurer ranks in Voyage Journal grant boosts that persist across multiple seasons. These enduring benefits create a powerful incentive for players to return. A similar system appeared in another successful Bingo Party collection, Card Album Euro Cruise, which grew revenue +45% 2Mo2M. 
But while Voyage Journal's premium pass helps players increase their adventurer ranks by unlocking more rare cards, it doesn’t add any rewards to the adventurer ranks. To drive more battle pass purchases, premium pass holders could receive exclusive boosts at each adventurer rank. Battle passes that enhance all major progression systems make paying players feel more elite, and research has shown that these kinds of functional perks also increase recurring pass purchases.
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