Casual Report: Three mission events with an average revenue impact over 100%

Three recent mission events in Disney Magic Kingdoms averaged over +100% revenue growth by tying missions to character collections. While not everyone can match the powerful draw of Disney’s IP, there are lessons here for apps across the casual market.
During these mission events, players earn resources from an interlocking network of missions, collection goals, and sub-events. Completed missions unlock new characters that players can purchase using the resources they’ve earned.
The missions in these events all require specific characters from both current and past events. While the main missions only require newly released characters, characters collected from past events unlock additional missions that make it easier for players to progress.
When you provide reasons to revisit characters from past events, you help players create memories with those characters. Those memories accumulate over time, which makes collections more meaningful and increases engagement in future events.
For more inspiration, look to RPG apps, which excel at pairing new character releases with mission events and features. Both Clash on Kamino in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and the New Monster Update Special Event in Summoners Waroffer tasks that require players to unlock and use new characters. These two events helped increase revenue +40% 2Wo2W and +86% 25Do25D, respectively.
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