December 2022 Racing & Sports Report

November 2022 Racing & Sports Report

Mario Kart Tour’s Spotlight Shop replaces the app’s gacha mechanic with a more traditional store that changes its offers each day. This is a significant shift in the app’s monetization strategy that makes it easier for players to buy the specific vehicles, drivers, and equipment they want. It also more closely aligns with the Mario Kart franchise’s emphasis on accessibility.

October 2022 Racing & Sports Report

October 2022 Racing & Sports Report

Asphalt 9: Legends’ Drive Syndicate Undercover Ops uses multiple race modes and thoughtful UI design to tell a story without making players read a lot of text. In a new race mode, players drive a police car and disable the cars of crime syndicate members. In another mode, players must complete normal races “undercover” as a way to gain the syndicate’s trust. 

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