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January 2023 Casino Report

January 2023 Casino Report

Bingo Bash’s Frosty Farm offers an unusually complex crafting and order fulfillment system for the casino market. Players use resources earned during base play to plant flowers on a farm. Harvesting flowers fulfills orders and unlocks more farm plots and types of flowers. As players advance, orders become increasingly complex, which adds a layer of strategy.

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December 2022 Casino Report

December 2022 Casino Report

This month’s Casino Report focuses solely on teardowns of innovative feature and event releases. At the end of this month, you will also receive a Recap Report that examines major trends across markets from 2022 as well as areas of opportunity for 2023.

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Christina Osmun

Director of Product at GSN

"We used Liquid & Grit's economy reports to rebalance our app's economy. The results were incredible! We saw an 800 basis points improvement in our D1 retention and 400 basis points improvement in our D30 retention.

The Liquid & Grit's economy report allowed us to rebalance our economy in days instead of weeks. We also increased the time spent in-app per active user by 57% percent."

Jean-Philippe Mallette

Product Manager at Ludia

"I have read not twice ... but three times all your puzzle reports! Now I am reading the RPG. Thanks to you and your team for your teaching. Obviously a big fan here.

L&G inspired the distribution strategy of our Elite Dragons, which yielded ~5x more revenue than our regular dragon distribution strategy"


Joseph Kim

CEO at Lila Games

"Liquid & Grit reports are the best in the industry. From the multiple research services, reports, and consultants I’ve purchased and hired over the past 5-10 years Liquid & Grit reports provide by far the best value and highest insights. Also, Brett Nowak is just a really great guy. I would invite anyone to DM me on LinkedIn if you have any doubt."


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