Casino Report: June 2020

Casino Report: June 2020

Bingo Party’s new Card Album collection events maintain players’ progress throughout the year for increased rewards and more frequent bonuses. Revenue was +45% and downloads were +15% 2Mo2M after the release of the first event.

Quantifying Player Engagement

How does a player come to love a game? By analyzing the behavior of millions of Candy Crush Saga players scientists quantified progression and churn as a competition between relative difficulty and engagement. From 2014 to 2016 scientists studied a cohort of almost 12 million Candy Crush Saga players. Scientists used the accumulated number of attempts […]

Manual Session Analysis Offers a More Intimate Understanding of User Experience

Product teams like to assume they either know their users or that they need mounds of data to do so. Oleg Yakubenkov, CEO of product management simulator GoPractice, outlines how analyzing behavior without big data can give product managers real insight into their games. Viewing the Product Through the User’s Eyes You only need 50-100 users to find […]

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