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Long Club Progressions Can Raise Your Revenue Floor

Scatter Slots’ Clans offers one of the first permanent club progressions we’ve seen in a casino app. Clans and a related feature, Heroic Heist, draw on mechanics and RPG themes from the core market by having club members collaborate to defeat weekly sets of bosses and level up their club.

These features implement three key systems that work together to drive engagement, retention, and widespread participation: 

  • Engagement: To damage bosses, players must complete daily missions in slot machines.
  • Retention: The boss battles and club leveling system offer recurring weekly and longer-term goals that become more valuable as clubs progress. 
  • Widespread participation: Each club member can only contribute a limited amount of progress per day, which incentivizes clubs to have as many contributing players as possible.

These systems led to an impressive, sustained revenue increase of 5% 2Mo2M—a major success for a club feature in the casino market. Although clubs are extremely rare in the casino market and perform poorly in general, we believe they present a major opportunity for casino apps. To succeed, clubs will need to offer compelling long-term progressions as well as features and events that provide a steady stream of club-related content.

Clans’ Success Stands Out Against Club Features’ Poor Performance

Tracked casino apps released just four club features in the past year. Clubs have also performed extremely poorly, with the lowest median and average revenue impacts MoM as well as the lowest standard deviation of any feature type.

Read this month’s Headline Release for our full analysis of Clans, which includes insights on integrating additional club mechanics from the core market to drive deeper engagement.

Market Watch: Haunted Houses, Bubble Shooters, and Wheel Spin Tournaments

In Cash Frenzy’s Ghost Town, players control a ghost in a haunted house mini-game to frighten characters. Frightening characters unlocks new levels of the haunted house and awards progress on a battle pass.

In Cashman Casino’s Go Gnome!, players shoot colored marbles at a track of marbles in a bubble shooter-style mini-game. Clearing marbles completes levels, which grants rewards based on players’ performance.

In DoubleU Casino’s Royal Spin Survival, slot spins grant tokens that players use to place bets in a wheel spin tournament. During the tournament, players bet on the wedge they predict will land, and correct choices advance them to the next round.

Read this month’s Market Watch for our full teardowns of all notable releases, which include three reward features, three mini-games, and more.


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