11 Top Apps Use TimeLocked Chests to Drive Spend

Features that award timelocked chests during spins are a major trend that’s generating significant revenue across top casino apps. This feature debuted in Jackpot Party in 2019 and has since been adopted by 10 other leading casino apps, six of which have released adaptations in the past nine months. Of these recent implementations, Caesars Slots’ version achieved the greatest revenue impact of 17% MoM.

These features drive spend by letting players use premium currency to instantly open chests. Because players can only store a limited number of chests at once, players who want to maximize their rewards have to spend to unlock chests frequently to ensure they have room for new ones.

Reward features, which include these timelocked chests, have the best median and average revenue impacts by far of any feature type in the casinomarket. They’re also the most frequently released feature type and have several high-performing outliers.

Read our full analysis of this reward feature, which provides a detailed breakdown of the most recent version in Wizard of Oz Slots and examines the strategies that Caesars Slots’ version uses to generate significant revenue.

SpinX’s Cash Rally Breaks Into the Top 100

Cash Rally entered the top 100 casino apps in late January—over a month before its global launch. It has many features in common with SpinX Games’ other apps, such as Lotsa Slots, Jackpot World, and Cash Frenzy. However, it distinguishes itself by adding more persistent progressions to secondary features and events, which could help increase long-term retention.

See our full analysis of Cash Rally for a rundown of its features, advertising strategy, and revenue.

Top Apps Are Investing in Mini-Games

Leading casino apps released four noteworthy mini-games last month:

  • Jackpot World introduced a novel tile-matching puzzle mini-game packed with boosts, lives, and a progression of levels. 
  • GSN Casino released a Chutes and Ladders-style board game with a progression of five boards.
  • myVEGAS created its own version of a trending mini-game in which players complete daily tasks to earn keys and open chests
  • Cashman Casino released a pick’em mini-game that includes a map progression.

Read our full teardowns of all notable releases.

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In case you missed it, last month’s Casino Insights analyzed a new merge mini-game in Jackpot World and two breakout apps: Legendary Hero Slots and Bingo Home Design.

Profitability Report subscribers can also read our new analysis of Apple’s EU distribution policy, which explains why the company’s new business terms make alternative distribution unprofitable for all but the largest publishers.


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