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Casino Features

Product revenue drivers, impactful live op events, effective sales, economy teardowns, and major releases in the top grossing Casino apps.

RPG Features

Impactful events in the top grossing RPG apps, revenue driving features, content releases, and major changes to the market.

Puzzle Features

Most impactful revenue drivers in match-3 and other top grossing Puzzle apps, new events that produce results, and level design mechanics.

Slots Design

This report specializes in slots design and includes the latest social slot machine innovations, slots trends, and major machine releases in the market.

November 2023 Casino Report

Scatter Slots’ Clans offers one of the first permanent club progressions we’ve seen in a casino app. Clans and a related feature, Heroic Heist, draw on mechanics and RPG themes from the core market by having club members collaborate to defeat weekly sets of bosses and level up their club.

October 2023 Casino Report

Bingo Blitz’s ongoing partnership with actress Drew Barrymore is exceptional for three reasons. First, celebrity collaborations are rare in the casino market. Second, Barrymore has been the app’s brand ambassador for over a year, the longest celebrity collaboration we’ve seen in a casino app. And third, the partnership is unusually extensive, encompassing multiple in-game events, TV advertisements, and social media campaigns. Bingo Blitz’s downloads increased 22% 13Mo13M during the partnership, suggesting that the collaboration played a significant role in boosting the app’s UA.

September 2023 Casino Report

City-building hub spaces are a growing trend in casino, but Cash Frenzy’s Cashtopia is the first time we’ve seen a hub space for a social event (rather than a single-player event or feature). Hub spaces connect to apps’ major features, provide multiple progressions, and introduce new opportunities for customization and cosmetic rewards—which creates new ways for casino apps to sustain engagement and drive spend.

August 2023 Casino Report

VIP systems are essential for driving traffic to web stores in casino apps. In this month’s Headline Release, we analyze Huuuge Casino’s Huuuge Rewards, which revamps the app’s VIP program to include perks that can only be claimed within Huuuge Casino’s web store. All casino apps with external platforms should link VIP programs to their web stores, where it’s easier to gather user data, create targeted offers, and avoid platforms’ transaction fees.

July 2023 Casino Report

This month’s Casino Headline Release looks at how Jackpot World’s Waves & Wins drives engagement and spend by tying a unique cooking mini-game to multiple reward progressions and purchases. Events that contain multiple mini-events, like Waves & Wins, are common in the core market but rare in the casino market. Casino apps may want to experiment with this type of event, as our data suggests that these events perform relatively well in casino apps.

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