Competitive research and actionable product recommendations

Monthly reports to outline the most impactful features, latest trends, platform changes, breakout apps, new soft launches, and more.

Casino Features

Product revenue drivers, impactful live op events, effective sales, economy teardowns, and major releases in the top grossing Casino apps.

RPG Features

Impactful events in the top grossing RPG apps, revenue driving features, content releases, and major changes to the market.

Puzzle Features

Most impactful revenue drivers in match-3 and other top grossing Puzzle apps, new events that produce results, and level design mechanics.

Slots Design

This report specializes in slots design and includes the latest social slot machine innovations, slots trends, and major machine releases in the market.

RPG Report: March 2020

In February 2020, Arknights averaged $44,535 in daily revenue (+118% MoM) and 2,635 daily downloads (-6% MoM). Arknights offers tower defense-style combat and many innovative features.

Casino Report: March 2020

JJ Dou Dizhu offers mahjong, fishing, chess, and four types of poker games for digital and real-world rewards. An in-app livestreaming service broadcasts regional competitions.

Puzzle Report: March 2020

After the release of Valentine’s Quest, Candy Crush Soda Saga’s revenue was +10%, downloads +4% 5Do5D. Players complete missions to earn puzzle pieces and unlimited life boosts.

RPG Report: February 2020

In January 2020, Fantasy Westward Journey 3D averaged $358,275 in daily revenue and 12,982 daily downloads. The app was launched exclusively in China in December 2019.

Casino Report: February 2020

In January 2020, DAFU Casino averaged $25,800 in daily revenue and 1,660 in daily downloads. The app launched in the U.S. in March ’18, but revenue began growing in Sep. ’19.

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