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Monthly reports to outline the most impactful features, latest trends, platform changes, breakout apps, new soft launches, and more.

Casino Features

Product revenue drivers, impactful live op events, effective sales, economy teardowns, and major releases in the top grossing Casino apps.

RPG Features

Impactful events in the top grossing RPG apps, revenue driving features, content releases, and major changes to the market.

Puzzle Features

Most impactful revenue drivers in match-3 and other top grossing Puzzle apps, new events that produce results, and level design mechanics.

Slots Design

This report specializes in slots design and includes the latest social slot machine innovations, slots trends, and major machine releases in the market.

March 2023 Casino Report

DoubleU Casino’s DUC Dream Town requires players to spin slots and progress in certain features in order to construct and upgrade buildings in a town. Completed buildings then produce currency and rewards for those features, which directs engagement back into other parts of the app.

February 2023 Casino Report

Slotomania’s Reel Owners is the first major NFT feature we’ve seen in a top mobile gaming app outside of the play-to-earn (P2E) market. In this feature, players buy NFTs representing slots symbols from a store or other players. Players who collect six different symbols from a single machine can exchange those symbols for an NFT representing that machine, which grants rewards.

January 2023 Casino Report

Bingo Bash’s Frosty Farm offers an unusually complex crafting and order fulfillment system for the casino market. Players use resources earned during base play to plant flowers on a farm. Harvesting flowers fulfills orders and unlocks more farm plots and types of flowers. As players advance, orders become increasingly complex, which adds a layer of strategy.

December 2022 Casino Report

This month’s Casino Report focuses solely on teardowns of innovative feature and event releases. At the end of this month, you will also receive a Recap Report that examines major trends across markets from 2022 as well as areas of opportunity for 2023.

November 2022 Casino Report

Lightning Link Casino’s Once Upon a Time is a rare example of a casino app using a story to connect a long series of events. Players access the events through pages of a storybook that contains a short narrative about a wizard. The events award tokens that players exchange for rewards in a shop.

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