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Casino Features

Product revenue drivers, impactful live op events, effective sales, economy teardowns, and major releases in the top grossing Casino apps.

RPG Features

Impactful events in the top grossing RPG apps, revenue driving features, content releases, and major changes to the market.

Puzzle Features

Most impactful revenue drivers in match-3 and other top grossing Puzzle apps, new events that produce results, and level design mechanics.

Slots Design

This report specializes in slots design and includes the latest social slot machine innovations, slots trends, and major machine releases in the market.

RPG Report: July 2020

Rise of Kingdoms’ revenue was +20% and downloads were -8% MoM after the initial launch of Peerless Scholar. The second season of Peerless Scholar, which launched on 7/8, does not yet have complete revenue data.

Casino Report: July 2020

In this month’s Casino report, we looked at Get Clucky, a new room from Bingo Bash that contributed to a +13% 2Wo2W revenue increase.

Puzzle Report: July 2020

In this report, we analyze five core elements of clubs: User Interfaces, Competitions, Collaborations, Participation, and Gifting. Each section includes research insights and examples of unique mechanics from our Feature Database.

RPG Personas Report

As part of our commitment to providing the most effective insights to our subscribers, we are pleased to announce our new RPG Personas Report.

RPG Report: June 2020

After the launch of Tavern of Legends, Empires & Puzzles’ revenue was +92% and downloads were -15% 3Do3D compared to the same days from the previous week.

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