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Casino Features

Product revenue drivers, impactful live op events, effective sales, economy teardowns, and major releases in the top grossing Casino apps.

RPG Features

Impactful events in the top grossing RPG apps, revenue driving features, content releases, and major changes to the market.

Puzzle Features

Most impactful revenue drivers in match-3 and other top grossing Puzzle apps, new events that produce results, and level design mechanics.

Slots Design

This report specializes in slots design and includes the latest social slot machine innovations, slots trends, and major machine releases in the market.

May 2022 Casino Report

Bingo Bash’s Bash Leagues Beta provides a fresh take on competitions by having players compete based on engagement rather than skill. This is the first competition feature that we’ve identified in a top-grossing bingo app in more than two years, and it helped increase revenue 19% 10Do10D.

April 2022 Casino Report

POP! Slots’ Daily Bonus is a great example of a well-designed retention bonus, which helped increase revenue 7% MoM and 10% 2Mo2M by offering milestone rewards and social incentives.

March 2022 Casino Report

HoF Together, a new team challenge event in House of Fun, helped increase revenue by 18% during its five-day run. In this event, players are automatically assigned to teams.

February 2022 Casino Report

Top casino apps have released just four cosmetic features in the past year, but those features have had a relatively high average revenue impact of 5.6% MoM with a median of 4.8% MoM and a standard deviation of ±12.2%.

January 2022 Casino Report

A new competition feature in Hit it Rich!, Coin Boss, increased revenue by 21% MoM—the greatest impact of any competition feature in the past 12 months. This impact was due in part to the feature’s fast queueing system.

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