Clubs with Rich Interactions

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Impact Driver

Project Makeover’s Cliques offers unusually deep mechanics for a club feature in the casual market. Along with standards like leaderboards and gifting lives, Cliques embraces Project Makeover’s custom design mechanics by letting members share and like images of their designs, view each other’s Player Profiles, and visit each other’s studios where they can react with emojis. 

In addition to these social mechanics, Cliques launched with weekly club challenges and a club competition event, Clique Clash. Releasing connected features like Cliques, Player Profiles, and Clique Clash simultaneously gives players more reasons to engage with the new features while also signaling that developers are invested in the long-term success of those features. This approach is still somewhat rare in the casual market but is a trend in the core market.

Release Trends

Club feature releases are very rare in the casual market. Releases were down slightly in 2022 compared to 2021 but have picked up in Q1 2023.

Breakout Apps

Playrix’s Fishdom Solitaire uses Fishdom’s custom design progression but has players complete solitaire stages instead of match-3 levels. This is Playrix’s first card app and the first card app we’ve covered with major custom design mechanics.

Oh my Anne offers match-3 and custom design gameplay reminiscent of Homescapes, but Oh my Anne sets itself apart with an anime-inspired art style and a story based on the children’s novel Anne of Green Gables.

Other Noteworthy Features and Events

Mission Season and Mini-Game Event — In Homescapes’ Spring Season, players advance on a battle pass to earn energy, boosts, and items for the Springtime Bustle merge mini-game.

Expansion Season — In June’s Journey’s Secrets, players search for items based on the items’ silhouettes or names to unlock scenes of a story.

Quest Event — In Monster Legends’ Faction Colosseums, players battle enemies and bosses to advance on a map and earn points for weekly and seasonal leaderboards. 

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