Tournament with $250K Prize Pool

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Impact Driver

Candy Crush Saga’s All Stars Tournament offers the most valuable prizes ever for a competition in a casual app, including a pool of $250,000, a weeklong trip to London, and diamond rings worth a total of $75,000. The event also involves a number of high-profile partnerships, including a prize reveal video with hip-hop artist Saweetie, sponsored videos from influencers, and championship rings made by celebrity jewelers Icebox. This combination of real-life prizes and celebrity partnerships has led to viral tweets, trending articles, and videos with over 22M views on YouTube alone.

Candy Crush Saga has also taken several measures to drive community interactions around the event. During the tournament, players can compete in All Stars-themed contests on the app’s forum, earn boosts when their friends complete tasks, and participate in a social media campaign.

Release Trends

Apps in the classic match-3 subgenre release the second most competition events per app of any subgenre in the casual market. The puzzle genre releases the most competition events per app.

Breakout and Soft-Launch Apps

MONOPOLY GO! became one of the top five highest-grossing board game apps just one week after launch. Since our initial coverage during the app’s soft launch in September ’22, MONOPOLY GO! introduced several updates to boost UA and engagement. These include a mini-game that players unlock by inviting friends to the app and deeper collection mechanics.

Chrome Valley Customs combines match-3 levels and car renovation progressions—a departure from the usual fashion and home decor themes used in many top puzzle & decorate apps. Developer Space Ape is majority owned by Supercell and previously achieved success with its rhythm-based app Beatstar.

Other Noteworthy Features and Events

Collection Event — In Clockmaker’s Blackbeard’s Curse, players beat levels to restore buildings on a map, progress a storyline, and earn exclusive boosts.

Mission Event — In Fishdom’s Challenge Levels, players complete levels to add rewards to a bank. After each level, players choose to leave with their banked rewards or attempt the next level—but failing a level forfeits all rewards.

Reward Feature — In Match 3D’s Eye Break!, long levels now include a prompt that allows players to watch an ad. After the ad, players have the option to buy a boost.

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