Global feature with individual goals

A new kingdom vs. kingdom expansion feature in King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare helped increase revenue +39% Mo2M by offering an epic battle that still made individual players feel important. See the full Core Report for our complete analysis as well as other notable releases.

In Season Map, four kingdoms are placed on a shared map. Within this map, players kill enemies and capture buildings to complete challenges and earn points. Leaderboards then rank kingdoms, clubs, and individual players based on their points.

Scaling big features to individual players

When designing global features like Season Map, make sure that individual players feel like their actions matter—because players will engage less if they feel insignificant or anonymous. 

Season Map makes players feel important by offering challenges, leaderboards, and rewards for individuals in addition to its club and kingdom mechanics. Lords Mobile: War Kingdom took a similar approach in the Guild Fest club events, which contributed to a +22% average WoW revenue increase across eight events.

Prestigious cosmetic rewards

At the end of each Season Map season, top-ranking players earn a permanent profile frame and temporary skins. As a result, players get a permanent reminder of their accomplishments but still have to maintain their top ranks each season to keep showing off their skins.

Offering non-utility rewards makes difficult tasks feel optional. This leads to greater engagement, as players are more likely to strive for performance goals when they’re not a requirement.

Video Insights

This month’s video insights examines a new hero release event from Summoners War that contributed to a +86% 25Do25D revenue increase. Click here to learn why heroes that are released alongside events or features have nearly seven times the revenue impact of those that are not.

Download the full Core Report for our complete analysis, impact data, and other notable releases.

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