Story-Driven Mission Event

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In Identity V’s story-driven The Shrouded Bélóstáin Investigation event, players investigate characters, locations, maps, and documents to collect clues and solve a mystery.

The August Core Report analyzes how this event delivers a compelling story by designing deep characters and a wide variety of interactions. We also examine two concurrent tie-in events that Identity V uses to drive engagement and purchases during the Shrouded Bélóstáin Investigation.

Although it’s difficult to isolate the impact of any one of these three overlapping events, Identity V‘s revenue grew 63% 22Do22D during this period.

Soft-Launch & Breakout Apps

Apex Legends Mobile by EA, which launched in May, successfully translates the hit battle royale franchise to mobile. Apart from an exclusive hero and new game modes, this port stays close to the console and PC versions.

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus by Snowprint Studios AB launched worldwide this month and brings gacha-style hero collection to the Warhammerfranchise. This turn-based, tactical app includes multiple gameplay modes and a massive roster of heroes.

Feature & Event Releases

New feature and event releases include a dodgeball game mode in Identity V, a collaboration with K-pop group BLACKPINK in PUBG Mobile, and a competition that uses a fan-made ruleset in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Download the August Core Report for our complete analysis.

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