Massive IP Collab in PUBG Boosts Revenue 35% and Downloads 11% MoM

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IP Event with a Complete Visual Overhaul

PUBG Mobile’s Dragon Ball Super crossover is one of the deepest IP integrations ever. The event, which helped increase the app’s revenue by 35% and downloads by 11% MoM, introduces an enormous amount of IP-themed content, including two battle royale modes, five heroes with unique skill sets, three challenge events, and two sets of exclusive cosmetics.   

The most remarkable aspect of the crossover is that it completely overhauls the app’s visuals to recreate Dragon Ball’s iconic style. One of the game modes takes place on a new map that uses cel-shaded graphics to give its visuals a hand-drawn animation style. The mode also exclusively uses Dragon Ball characters, equipment, and abilities to replicate how characters battle in the IP. 

These novel visual elements immediately set the event apart from PUBG Mobile’s standard game modes and other battle royale apps, making it an exceptionally effective tool for marketing to players. When designing crossover events, apps should prioritize distinctive visuals to capture players’ attention—even when shown as thumbnails on the App Store or social media. 

Release Trends

Expansion events, such as PUBG Mobile’s Dragon Ball Super crossover, consistently achieve moderate success in the core market, with a middle-of-the-pack median revenue impact and a relatively consistent performance.

Expansions are released most frequently in the shooter genre, and they perform best in the RPG genre. When looking at subgenres, expansions perform exceptionally well in battle royale apps—arguably the best of any core subgenre when factoring in consistency.

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Revenue for event types is calculated using Liquid & Grit’s Lift Tool. For more information on the Lift Tool, email Brett Nowak.

Market Watch

Breakout Apps

Watcher of Realms, a fantasy-themed RPG by the creators of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has hovered in the 50 top-grossing RPGs since its launch in July. Watcher of Realms combines tower defense battles with traditional hero collection and upgrade features. It stands out for its remarkably diverse level designs that require players to use a wide array of heroes and strategies.

Voyage: The Grand Fleet, a squad-based RPG centered around the One Piece IP, entered the 50 top-grossing RPGs three weeks after launch. The app emphasizes its narrative by interspersing auto battles with cutscenes from the anime. It further sets itself apart with unusually frequent live ops, a dynamic world map that’s updated with side quests, and high price points for IAPs.

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Innovative Feature and Event Releases

In Call of Duty: Mobile’s Arena, three teams of four players compete on a map with a shrinking safe zone. Between rounds, players receive tokens to spend on items to use in the next round. Players earn additional tokens by defeating players and drone NPCs.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Boss Hunt, players receive tokens to spend on heroes for a seven-stage mission. In each stage, players assemble a team of up to five heroes to battle a boss. Between stages, players can buy heroes and items to use during the mission. 

In Identity V’s Welcome to Runo Continent, players advance through a mystery narrative by talking to characters, investigating a room, and searching items for clues. Progressing the narrative unlocks a quest in which players tap on map locations to initiate dialogue, auto battle enemies, and make choices that impact the story. Completing the quest unlocks a boss battle.

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