1-on-1 Co-Op Mode

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LifeAfter’s Cohabitation allows two players to merge their bases together in order to share resources, complete co-op challenges, and earn rewards. The one-on-one nature of this feature encourages engagement by making each player accountable for their contributions. However, the feature’s high demands risk frustrating teammates who have unequal levels of commitment. 

In this report, we analyze several design decisions that make Cohabitation less intimidating for players: A new event rewards players for each step they take toward starting a cohabitation; an update allows players to end their cohabitation at any time while still retaining their resources; and a new exchange shop lets each player choose their own rewards for engaging with the feature.

Breakout Apps

Frozen City has broken into the top 50 strategy apps within just two months of its release by offering an innovative blend of survival, city-building, and simulation. Whereas most city-building apps focus on one city and taper off in difficulty as players upgrade their buildings, Frozen City offers a progression of cities and ramps up the difficulty as players advance.

Legend of Slime: Idle RPG offers multiple upgrade systems, an interconnected network of meta-features, and a simple retro aesthetic. Its revenue growth is largely due to its extensive use of W2E ads, with almost all of the app’s features offering some form of rewarded ads that allow players to accelerate their progress.

Innovative Features and Events

This month’s noteworthy releases include a mode that turns top players into snowmen in Call of Duty: Mobile, Lunar New Year–themed arenas with a revenge mechanic in PUBG Mobile, and team deathmatch tournaments with a shop in Pixel Gun 3D.

Download the February Core Report for our complete analysis.

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