Bingoscapes offers Quests, Stacked Events, Power Ups, and Elite Membership. The feature set is similar to Bingo Blitz’s … with a few modifications.

  Bingoscapes Bingo Blitz
  • Players are awarded points for completing Quests … filling a Meter for a Golden Chest that contains Bucks and Power Ups (1)
  • Players complete Challenges … filling a Meter for Bingo Chips, Coins, and Power Ups (2)
Stacked Events
  • The app stacks Collection and Map Quest events (3)
  • The app often stacks events only with sales or new content releases (4)
Obtaining Power Ups
  • Players can make a purchase or earn more during play (5)
  • Players can make a purchase, spend Secondary Currency, or earn more during play (6)
Elite Membership
  • A $6.99 package awards 30 days of daily Bucks, daily Power Ups, and an extra daily Elite Quest … worth $4.15 per day for new players (7)
  • A $14.99 package awards 30 days of Bonus Credits, Power Ups, daily Bingo Chips, extra daily Bonus Spin, extra daily Tournament entry, and new content early access … worth $15.31 per day for new players (8)

Additional Features in Bingoscapes

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