In Coin Master, players grow their Village by spinning a slots machine that awards currency, spins, and protection. Certain spins trigger Attacks and Raids. As player progress, they unlock missions and a Pet that awards boosts.

Feature Details

  • Players spin a slots machine to earn coins, spins, and Shields (image 1 below).
  • Spinning also triggers Attacks and Raids on other players (2).
  • During Raids, players play a pick’em game for a chance to steal other player’s coins (3).
  • During Attacks, players reveal coins or a Shield in a pick’em game (4).
  • Shields protect a player’s Village from Attacks (5).
  • Players use coins to upgrade Village items for Stars. Collecting a certain number of Stars levels a player up (6).
  • Completing certain Card Collections unlock a Pet (7).
  • Each Pet possesses an upgradable boost (8).  
  • At Village 4, events & challenges unlock in which players complete missions and have various boost and sales events (9).
  • The leaderboard is based on total Stars earned (10).

Product Council Insights

  • Coin Master will grow the Casino market. Coin Master is introducing new players from Adventure to slots machines. Eventually, some of these players will want more sophisticated machines … and will download Casino apps.
  • Target new apps in new genres (not necessarily Coin Master in Adventure). Coin Master is an established app and Playtika is already competing with Coin Master with their newly-acquired app, Pirate Kings. To execute, implement the Focused Market Entry Strategy (more info).
  • Coin Master will not disrupt Casino. The features, events, and slots machines in Casino are innovative, extremely difficult to replicate, and very well made.
  • Continue to invest in existing apps. Apps that start out well, like Coin Master, can eventually become great apps (Coin Master was hard-launched in May 2016).
  • Experiment with Influencer Marketing. Deconstruct of Fun highlights the impact of Influencer Marketing campaigns on Coin Master’s downloads. As Eiler’s & Krejcik Gaming pointed out, make sure the Influencer is age appropriate. 

Additional Resources

Additional Game Features

The links below go to our Feature Database for more images and videos of each feature listed. This is an easy way to find out more about a specific aspect of the app. The Feature Database is members-only. Email us for more information

Economy Teardown

The graph below is an example of the information that can be pulled from the Extended Economy Spreadsheet, which can be downloaded below.

The the Extended Economy Spreadsheet goes nearly 1,400 spins deep into the app’s progression to examine all the inflow and outflows of the economy by spin, level, and day.

For subscribers of Liquid and Grit’s Casino Report, you can find the New User Economy of Coin Master in the next New User Economy Spreadsheet. Email us for more information

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