Revenue Analysis

Polysphere was released at the end of 2018 and is currently averaging $13K daily in the U.S. on iOS … and ranked in the top 20 grossing in the iOS Puzzle category.

Graph data is iOS U.S. only

App Teardown

Polysphere’s core gameplay is an innovative 3D puzzle. To drive revenue, the new user flow pushes a weekly subscription onto players.

Feature Details

  • Upon app-download, players enter a tutorial.
  • Players click a ‘Next’ button to advance through the first few steps (1).
  • A ‘Full Access’ dialogue is then shown with a three-day free trial for $7.99/week with a subtle X in the top left corner of the screen (2).
  • If players press the X-out, they start the more interactive part of the tutorial, swiping on the puzzle elements (3).
  • In the core game, players rotate shapes to form a clear picture (see this video).
  • Content with a Diamond icon is locked behind a subscription. Content with a ‘Free’ icon is locked behind an Ad (4).
  • There are three subscription options:
    • Three-day trial, then $7.99 weekly
    • $19.99 monthly
    • $99.99 annually (5).
  • There is also a one-time purchase of $29.99 for full access without Ads (6).

In-Game Flows

Returning User Flow

Additional Game Features

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