The game storyline features Charlie before he wins the Golden Ticket. During core play, players finish levels and customize the Chocolate Factory. Players complete Hard Levels to trigger a limited-time Boost.

Game Play & Custom Design

  • Players complete match-3 levels to earn Coins and Stars (1).
  • Coins and Stars are used to complete Tasks to customize the Chocolate Factory (2).
  • Players then select their preferred design (3).

Earning Special Boosts

  • Completing Hard Levels rewards¬†Sugar and other prizes (4 & 5).
  • Sugar is used to activate one of the Sugar Machines (6).
  • Sugar Machines award special Boosts that are triggered at the beginning of each level (7).
  • The Special Boost is active for a set amount of time and the first activation of the Boost is free.

Ticket System (unlocks at L64)

  • A Golden Ticket triggers the feature for five hours (8).
  • Once activated, players have five lives to complete five feature-specific level (9).
  • Players earn Coins and one Token for completing five levels in one life (10).
  • Collecting three Tokens awards players a Puzzle piece to upgrade a custom design Trophy (11).
  • Players can purchase Golden Tickets. They can also purchase bundles with Wonka Bars, which contain Golden Tickets, Sugar, and Boosts (12).
  • Players can also collect Wonka Bars from a Sugar Machine (13).


  • Rocket Race is a play to collect event to fill a meter by collecting Rockets (14).
  • Golden Eggs is a streak event with increasing Boost rewards at the beginning of each level (15).

Additional Features in the Feature Database

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