Download the Ad Monetization Toolkit

Our Ad Monetization Toolkit explores the best practices for monetizing in-app ads post-ATT. Our key takeaways:

  • Apps should move toward rewarded ads and nondisruptive ads.
  • Rewarded ads are more valuable to advertisers and less frustrating to players than traditional ads.
  • Native ads and offerwalls provide a similar value to rewarded ads but require more complex partnerships with advertisers.
  • Large publishers will begin using first-party data to replace third-party data as the basis for targeted ads.

The Toolkit contains two documents: an Ad Monetization Report and an Ad Monetization Teardown Document. The Ad Monetization Report provides strategies for monetizing ads in different markets and analyzes best practices for each ad format. The Ad Monetization Teardown Document breaks down ad monetization in the apps we cite in the report.

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