Read the CrossPlatform Toolkit

Crossplatform releases allow developers to reach more players, bypass Apple and Google’s transaction fees, avoid IAP design restrictions, and collect better user data. But PC and console versions are likely only a good fit for core and casino apps. Our CrossPlatform Toolkit analyzes the benefits and best practices for crossplatform releases—and whether it’s a viable strategy for your app.

Our key takeaways:

  • Data shows that gamers who play on multiple platforms play more and are more likely to make purchases.
  • Core apps are a good fit for crossplatform releases because core genres appeal to PC and console audiences and so can attract new players.
  • Casino apps are a good fit for PC releases because apps can target high-spending players with web stores or other direct-to-consumer platforms.
  • In both markets, crossplatform releases can lead to more and longer play sessions.

In addition to the main report, the CrossPlatform Toolkit contains a teardown document that breaks down and compares the crossplatformreleases of leading apps across markets. We recommend starting with the main report for our key findings before moving to the teardown documentfor more information and galleries from individual apps.


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