Designing must-buy battle passes

Bingo Party improved an already impactful collection feature by adding a battle pass and explorable areas, contributing to a +13% 44Do44D revenue increase. Download this month’s Casino Report for our complete analysis.

In Voyage Journal, players collect cards to advance in four different progressions: a card album, a battle pass reward meter, a series of explorable areas, and a leveling system with boosts.

Wide-reaching premium benefits

The adventurer ranks in Voyage Journal grant boosts that persist across multiple seasons. These enduring benefits create a powerful incentive for players to return. A similar system appeared in another successful Bingo Party collection, Card Album Euro Cruise, which grew revenue +45% 2Mo2M. 

But while Voyage Journal’s premium pass helps players increase their adventurer ranks by unlocking more rare cards, it doesn’t add any rewards to the adventurer ranks. To drive more battle pass purchases, premium pass holders could receive exclusive boosts at each adventurer rank. Battle passes that enhance all major progression systems make paying players feel more elite, and research has shown that these kinds of functional perks also increase recurring pass purchases.

Focusing on premium passes

Voyage Journal’s premium pass is extremely valuable, as the rare cards it unlocks are essential for advancing through the other progressions. However, all four of Voyage Journal’s progressions are given the same weight in the user flow and UI (shown directly above). As a result, players may not understand the pass’ importance, which makes them less likely to purchase it.

We recommend prioritizing premium passes both visually and functionally to clearly demonstrate their value to players. For example, Hay Day’s Farm Passmission feature highlighted the premium pass in its promotional materials and then built all of its challenges and rewards around the pass progression, which helped increase revenue +56% MoM.

To learn more about battle passes, email for information about our upcoming Battle Pass Deep Dive report, which provides comprehensive analysis of battle passes across genres.

Video Insights

This month’s video insights examine another bingo collection feature, Fish n’ Chips in Bingo Bash. While Voyage Journal revolves around multiple progressions, Fish n’ Chips focuses on an active collection management system that adds elements of strategy to create high-impact collectible items.

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