Coin Master-Inspired Expansion

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Impact Driver

Cash Frenzy’s Cash Go is SpinX’s third Coin Master-inspired feature with deep mechanics. Cash Go offers 60 stages, pets that grant bonuses, a prize wheel, and daily login rewards. In a similar feature released in 2019, Jackpot World’s Dreamy Voyage, SpinX introduced additional features over time, so SpinX will likely take a similar approach with Cash Go. SpinX also released a Coin-Master inspired machine in Lotsa Slots, although it uses less complex systems.

By offering an extensive set of progressions and bonuses, Cash Go provides many opportunities to drive spend. Despite this, the feature only occasionally awards app-wide currency and instead focuses on rewards that help players progress in Cash Go, making it a powerful sink.

Release Trends

There are a number of nearly identical mechanics in Cash Frenzy’s Cash Go, Jackpot World’s Dreamy Voyage, and Coin Master. In addition to having the same core loop, all three offer pets, login rewards, gifting, stores, and revenge mechanics. The biggest differences are the way players unlock pets in Cash Go, the inclusion of a battle pass in Dreamy Voyage, and a much higher number of stages in Coin Master. 

Expansion feature releases (such as Cash Go) virtually disappeared from the casino market in 2022 but made a comeback in Q4 ’22 and Q1 ’23.

Breakout App

Jackpot Friends offers an unusually large number of live ops, features, and mini-games, including a unique merge feature. This is Zeroo Gravity Games’ third release and follows the successes of Cash Tornado and Jackpot Master.

Other Features and Events

Other noteworthy releases this month include four mini-games: 

  • In Bingo Blitz’s Space Pins, players spin a wheel to move a character on a game board and collect prizes. 
  • In Bingo Party’s Catch Him!, players pick one of three doors in a series of stages to find a raccoon and earn rewards. 
  • In Heart of Vegas’ Matching Pairs HOV Collections, players flip over face-down tiles to find matching pairs. 
  • In Lightning Link Casino’s Catch A Bunny, players pick bunnies to earn rewards in a series of stages.

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