Wizard of Oz released a collection system using play and virals that may award a progressive jackpot

  • Wizard of Oz introduces Bubble Billions on app-entry, a new feature to pop bubbles for a chance to play a mini-game and win big (image1).
  • The Bubble Billions feature includes a progressive jackpot with the current jackpot amount visible from the lobby screen (image 2).
  • Bubbles are won in any machine by spinning. A bet up dialogue states, ‘Bet More to Earn More BB’ when any bet changes occur (image 3).
  • Players may send and receive bubbles as gifts, accepting up to 20 each day (image 4).
  • Once a bubble is won, players ‘Tap’ to reveal the prize (image 5).
  • Bubbles may reveal a Dorothy mini-game to find Ruby Slippers for the progressive jackpot or coin prizes. In this example, $0.05 worth of coins was won by popping a bubble gift (image 6).
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