Consider a card collection system tied to purchases. Increase wallet spend by making the chests unlockable with a currency-based purchase

  • Scatter Slots released a card collection feature: Scatter Stories. Each player is awarded one free chest to introduce the feature (image 1).
  • Additional chests may be collected with coin package purchases (image 2).
  • After a purchase, a chest is randomly selected from 15 chests (image 3).
  • Players must then open the chest by spending gems before the time runs out. Players acquire gems with gem-specific purchases, completing map missions, the secondary bonus, daily challenges, and various live op events (image 4).
  • Each chest contains cards. The rarity of a card is displayed on the card (image 5).
  • There are 10 collection sets and each card contains a portion of a story that is revealed after a card has been collected.
  • Completing the set before the time runs out awards the player the prize displayed at the bottom of the page (image 6).
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