Executive Summary

Revenue Drivers

Revenue was up +1.6% WoW and +15.6% Wo2W after the release of the Cooking Frenzy event in Cash Frenzy. Revenue spiked before Cooking Frenzy due to the end of the Quest Frenzy Golden Summer Season 5. A burst of downloads in July increased the revenue impact of the events.

Revenue increased +4.8% WoW after the first release and +48.1% WoW after the second release of a new post-purchase mini-game in POP! Slots. During the second release, a premium-content machine was also launched.

Roadmap Insights

Mini-games and quests are Cash Frenzy’s key event investments. The largest feature investments are in bonuses, collections, rewards, and challenges.

POP! Slots’ most frequently released event mechanic is mini-games. Compared to the 10 highest-grossing slots apps, POP! Slots invests more heavily in events than features.

Table of Contents

Revenue Drivers

  • Collection Event Within Leagues
    • Cooking Frenzy in Cash Frenzy
  • Mini-Game Purchase Events
    • Cash Match in POP! Slots

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Mechanics Taxonomy
  • Premium Partnerships
  • L&G Slots Personas

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