Revenue Drivers

  • Following the release of SlotoClans in Slotomania,revenue was down -14% WoW. Revenue increased +32% WoW after sales and events integrated with SlotoClanswent live. Revenue continued to be elevated +20% 2Wo2W.

New Innovations

  • In Bingo Bash, revenue increased +32% WoW after the release of an Easter weekend sale, unlimited boosts event, and bingo room mini-game called Bready, Set, Dough!

Breakout Apps

  • Cash Frenzy by SecretSauce hard launched 8/16/18, and is currently generating close to $40K per day in U.S. iOS revenue. 
  • The Walking Dead Casino Slots by FTX Gameswas hard launched 12/6/18, and is currently generating $2.5K per day in U.S. iOS revenue
  • Stars Slots Casino by Huuuge Global was hard launched 1/3/19, and is averaging $100 per day in U.S. iOS revenue.

Table of Contents


  • Club Features: Clans
    • SlotoClans in Slotomania


  • Expansion Features: Stores
    • Bready, Set, Dough! in Bingo Bash


  • Cash Frenzy by SecretSauce
  • The Walking Dead Casino Slots by FTX Games
  • Stars Slots Casino by Huuuge Global


  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Premium Partnerships
  • L&G Slots Personas

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