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One of Casino’s Most Successful Mini-Games Gets a Big Expansion

Cash Tornado’s Coin Pusher is one of the most successful mini-games in the casino market—and its latest release elaborates on the original by combining coin pusher, pachinko, and mini-stepper mechanics. The mini-game drives spend by offering a variety of purchasable enhancements and drives engagement by including associated mission and competition events.

The original release of this mini-game in July 2022 increased revenue by 31% 4Do4D, and the latest version led to an even greater increase of 39% 4Do4D. When designing mini-games, casino apps should seek to combine popular mechanics, offer purchasable boosts, and create events centered around the mini-game.

Successful Mini-Games Are Rare

Mini-games in the casino market have performed poorly over the past year despite being the second most common event type, making Coin Pusher’s success especially noteworthy. In contrast, competition events perform fairly well—although casino apps had a rough enough year that all event types except quests had negative average and median revenue impacts. 

That said, casino apps may be able to improve the performance of mini-game events by incorporating competitive mechanics like those seen in Coin Pusher.

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Market Watch: Hidden Symbols, Battleship, and Missions for Tops Slots

In Cash Frenzy’s Christmas Treasure, players receive daily hints to locate hidden symbols in the app. Finding symbols grants rewards, and finding all seven symbols awards a final prize. 

In Slotomania’s Battle Sheep, players spend tokens earned from slots to reveal spaces on a Battleship-style board. Revealing all of a ship’s parts awards a prize, and revealing all the ships unlocks the next board.

In myVEGAS’ 2023 Top Games Challenge, players complete tasks in the app’s five most-played machines released in 2023. Completing a task awards prizes and unlocks a task on the next machine.

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