An economy rebalance with +25% revenue 2Wo2W

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An economy rebalance in Wizard of Oz: Casino Slots more than doubled rewards across the app and contributed to a +25% 2Wo2W revenue increase. In addition to increased rewards, the Huge Rewards Update launched alongside sales, events, and features that kept players engaged while limiting overinflation. Although the initial revenue bump has subsided, the rebalance appears to have produced a small stepwise increase in Wizard of Oz’s revenue floor. 

Adjust players’ wallets with gifts and sales during economy rebalances. 

Following an economy rebalance, players with large wallets may feel slighted by the sudden devaluation of their past purchases and winnings. You can keep these players happy and help them assimilate into the new economy by adjusting their wallets upwards with free currency gifts, as seen in the Huge Rewards Update. 

This assimilation period also provides an opportunity to drive short-term revenue with sale offers, since players will temporarily assess IAP offers based on the values of the old economy.

After a rebalance, take countermeasures to reduce overinflation.

Overinflation can cause a revenue hangover or even a decline in overall revenue. Here are some ways to reduce your risk:

  • Provide plenty of sinks that draw currency back out of your economy, like expensive events and competitions with purchasable boosts.
  • Offer exclusive cosmetic items that players can purchase or earn from events.
  • Increase bet size and spin speed while possibly reducing RTP. 
  • Consider adding an interest-based savings system, which allows you to influence player spend by raising or lowering the interest rate.

Video Insights: Customizable Cosmetics in Casino

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