App Notable Features Released
Candy Crush Saga
  • The Emoji Movie Levels challenge players with five levels to complete for rewards (see Image 1 and the following pages for details).
Candy Crush Soda Saga
  • Rainbow Road feature awards Super Bows and boosts for each new level completed in one life (see New Innovations for details)
  • Two new level hazards:
    • Boom Boxes force players to complete matches of same colors and sectors to trigger explosions (see Level Design for details)
    • Water Lily forces players to complete matches next to closed Lilies to open them (see Level Design for details)
  • Flower Festival live ops awards special flower currency used to purchase new collection items (see Live Ops for details)
Cookie Jam
  • Sugar Streak event to complete levels in one life to fill meter for rewards (image 2)
  • Level Jam event for players to reach levels on the map before timers run out (image 3)
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App Notable Features Released
Farm Heroes Saga
  • Super Hard Levels added to map (see Quick Hits in the New Innovations section for details)
Wizard of Oz Magic Match
  • 78th Anniversary Raffle event with every level played counting as an event entry (image 1)
Genies & Gems
  • Soaring Streaks to complete levels without losing a life to fill meter for prizes (image 2)
Cookie Jam Blast
  • Sprinkles Collection system with new recipes to earn (image 3)
Best Fiends (Link-3)
  • Win Streak Bonus added for levels 80 and above to earn extra moves
  • Event Calendar announces features and awards medals (see New Innovations for details)
  • Visit Minutia, a watch-to-earn Youtube. This was released with Visit Minutia Mission to complete 30 Coconut Challenges to win VIP Gene and currencies
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