Seasonal pets with +20% MoM revenue

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Over the past year, Caesars Slots has developed its Prize Pet feature from a straightforward collection meter into an expansive network of customizable cosmetics, exclusive challenges, and a premium pass. This strategy is paying off: The two most recent Prize Pet seasons both increased revenue +20% MoM.

During each Prize Pet season, players receive a pet that they feed with treats earned from purchases and other features. Feeding the pet fills a level meter that grants rewards at milestones, and a premium pass adds a second set of rewards.

In a relatively rare move for a casino app, Caesars Slots allows players to personalize their pets with accessories obtained from purchases, challenges, and the premium pass. There are quite a few other mechanics in this feature, so we recommend checking out the complete teardown in the report.

Add wide-reaching progressions and cosmetics to leveling features.

Casino apps have been a little slow to catch on to the trend of season-based progressions (often in the form of battle passes) that have come to dominate other genres. This is likely because most casino apps lack the characters, in-game equipment, and customizable cosmetics that apps in other markets rely on to motivate players and drive spend.

However, many casino apps do have pet or city level features similar to those seen in Prize Pet’s initial Dragon-themed seasons, which consisted of a relatively straightforward collection meter. Other apps should consider following Prize Pet’s example by adding customizable cosmetics and other secondary progressions to their existing level features.

Give players a reason to revisit past characters.

Pets and other characters are most effective when they feel special to players. You can help players build memories and emotional attachments with their pets by rewarding them for returning to pets from past seasons. For instance, Prize Pet could give players weekly gifts or boosts for feeding older pets. 

A strong example of this approach can be seen in Disney Magic Kingdomshero mission events, which averaged over +100% revenue during three events that lasted 2–3 weeks each. During these events, players use heroes collected from past events to complete missions that unlock new heroes.

Video Insights: Interlocking Progressions

This month’s video insights examine a different kind of season-based progression that we analyzed in the April Casino Report. Bingo Party’s Voyage Journal card collection builds four progressions around the app’s card collection feature. Learn how interlocking systems create more meaningful experiences and why it’s important to prioritize one main progression for players.

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