Increase engagement by allowing high-value players to join multiple clubs based on VIP status

  • DoubleU Casino announced Winners Club with buttons visible in the lobby and during machine play (image 1).
  • Players select an existing club from a list or create a club with a button provided at the top of the screen (image 2).
  • The Winners Club main screen displays a member list, club status, ‘Send Gifts’ button, ‘Mission’ button, and progress bar. Players have additional spaces to add more clubs, however, this option is locked for seven days (image 3).
  • The ‘Mission’ button displays both team and solo missions. Members complete solo missions for rewards and club stars to help complete team missions (image 4).
  • Winners Clubs are divided into four different tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Chairman. The three lower tiers contain three levels each based on accumulated club stars (image 5).
  • Once a club earns enough stars to level up, members are notified and given a reward. Higher club levels and tiers increase the rewards (image 6).
  • After seven days, the option to join more clubs is indicated on the Winners Club main screen. Clicking the ‘Add Club’ button will again display the list of clubs, and players may join another club or create a new one (image 7).
  • VIP players have the option to join up to five clubs depending on their VIP status. Emerald VIPs may join up to three, Ruby up to four, and Chairman VIPs may join five (image 8).
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