Casino-fying Battle Passes

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Battle passes (a subcategory of mission features) have rapidly become a major trend in top-grossing casino apps. The past four quarters saw double the average number of battle pass releases compared to the preceding period.

Now that the player base is more familiar with how battle passes work, it’s time for casino apps to start tailoring the battle pass formula for casino players. One effective approach is to add mechanics that are specific to the casino market. 

Cashman’s Fortune in Cashman Casino, which helped increase revenue +6% MoM, is a new battle pass that does just that. In this mission feature, players complete challenges to earn points for a battle pass and daub spaces in a bingo mini-game. Cashman’s Fortune also includes a bank, another casino mainstay.

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Video Insights — Large-Scale Events

This month’s video insights examine how to design meaningful roles for players within large-scale events, whether it’s a club vs. club competition or a server-wide battle. Watch the video here.

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