Story Mode with Exchange Shop

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Lightning Link Casino’s Once Upon a Time is a rare example of a casino app using a story to connect a long series of events. Players access the events through pages of a storybook that contains a short narrative about a wizard. The events award tokens that players exchange for rewards in a shop. 

In this report, we analyze how Lightning Link Casino keeps this novel feature accessible to all players and whether story modes might be an early trend in the casino market.

Breakout App Update

Live Play Bingo has quadrupled its daily revenue since we first covered it in our June 2021 Casino Report. During this time, the app released several features that emphasize its live bingo gameplay, including a host schedule, weekly live competitions with real-life rewards, and VIP rooms with exclusive hosts.

Innovative Features and Events

Other noteworthy releases include a series of storybooks that players rewrite in Bingo Story, a board game with a variety of effect spaces in Cash Frenzy, and a mission feature in which players spend tokens to unlock planets in Lightning Link Casino.

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