Long-term level feature development

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Level features continue to excel in the casino market, producing the highest average revenue impact (+6.1% MoM) and second-highest median revenue impact (+4.8% MoM) of any feature type.

Caesars Slots just released its second major level feature, My Fortune Palace, which helped increase revenue +27% MoM during its first season.

While Caesars Slots’ first level feature (Prize Pet, +20% revenue MoM during two seasons) revolves around pet mechanics, My Fortune Palace offers a series of custom design floors in a casino populated by animated characters. As players decorate the casino, they unlock bonus mechanics like wheel spins and bonus rounds.

By designing multiple layers of mechanics, Caesars Slots has created a strong foundation for future growth. Download the full Casino Report to learn more.

Video Insights

How you represent players’ progress within events and features can have a huge impact on engagement. To illustrate the best ways to visualize progress, this month’s video insights dig into leading research on goal-setting and motivation. Check out the video here.

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