Prize Wheel Progression

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Wizard of Oz SlotsGlinda’s Jackpot Wheel has a number of interesting design decisions that make it stand out from other prize wheel bonuses.

First, players must spin in high roller machines to earn attempts and can’t buy attempts directly. Second, in each attempt, players try to land jackpots to advance through three prize wheels. And third, landing a jackpot adds a stamp to a card that grants more rewards when complete.

In this report, we analyze how these design decisions create a deep progression that drives spend without explicitly requiring players to make purchases.

Breakout Apps

Vegas Friends’ daily U.S. revenue has shot up from $603 to $13,582 since we first covered it in our January 2021 Casino Report. Vegas Friends’ most notable features are its app-wide and machine-specific competitions as well as an innovative bonus that ensures players never go broke.

Hard Rock Blackjack & Casino is all about authentically recreating the casino experience, including its highly innovative sports betting (with game currency). This approach, combined with a huge variety of casino games, has helped it break into the top 100 casino apps.

Innovative Features and Events

This month’s noteworthy releases include a jigsaw puzzle mini-game in GSN Casino, a level feature with free and premium rewards in Zynga Poker, and a daily series of pick’ems in House of Fun.

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