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Long-Term Celebrity Partnership Boosts Revenue 13% WoW and Downloads 22% 13Mo13M

Bingo Blitz’s ongoing partnership with actress Drew Barrymore is exceptional for three reasons. First, celebrity collaborations are rare in the casino market. Second, Barrymore has been the app’s brand ambassador for over a year, the longest celebrity collaboration we’ve seen in a casino app. And third, the partnership is unusually extensive, encompassing multiple in-game events, TV advertisements, and social media campaigns. Bingo Blitz’s downloads increased 22% 13Mo13M during the partnership, suggesting that the collaboration played a significant role in boosting the app’s UA.

The most recent event from this collaboration, Detective Drew, increased revenue by 13% WoW. In the event, players complete two mini-games centered around Drew Barrymore and advance in missions to unlock narrative-based videos featuring an animated version of Barrymore.

This collaboration comes at a time when celebrity partnerships are faltering in other markets, which we analyzed in our article about Candy Crush Saga’s shrinking celebrity partnerships. Bingo Blitz’s unique success may be due to an excellent demographic overlap between Bingo Blitz players and The Drew Barrymore Show viewers, along with the longevity of the partnership, which creates a greater sense of trust than a one-off celebrity event. Apps that want to replicate this formula will need to find celebrity partners with an equally strong demographic fit and a willingness to collaborate on an ongoing basis.

Release Trends

Detective Drew’s success is especially noteworthy because mission events perform poorly in the casino market and the bingo subgenre. Compared to other event types, mission events have the second-lowest median revenue impact and a middling average revenue impact. When looking at casinosubgenres, mission events perform worst in bingo but fare significantly better in slots and casual casino.

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Market Watch

Breakout App Update

Live Party Bingo’s daily revenue has tripled since we first covered it in July. Since then, the app has added a card collection feature that awards tokens for an exchange shop and a weekly tournament that awards Amazon gift cards.

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Innovative Feature and Event Releases

In DoubleU Casino’s Grand Draw, big wins in slots award tickets for a prize drawing. The top six players earn a percentage of a prize pool.

In Cash Tornado’s DIY Feature, players complete tasks or bet up to receive upgrades for two free spin bonuses. Earning a certain number of upgrades triggers free spins with the corresponding upgrades.

In Slotomania’s Lucy’s Fun Run, players spin in slot machines to move in random directions on a game board. Landing on certain spaces and reaching the goal side of the board awards prizes.

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