Decrease churn on hard levels by clearly setting expectations. Add concurrent live ops events to boost retention. Consider a Piggy Bank to drive conversion

  • Decrease churn and increase spend by setting expectations on harder levels: In Farm Heroes Saga, players are notified of a Super Hard level with a banner on the level information (image 1), and a message on the goals bar (image 2).
  • Show future level awards won if completed within a certain time: In Candy Crush Soda Pop, players are shown the gifts awarded at different levels if completed within a certain amount of time (images 3 & 4).
  • Release a Piggy Bank to convert players: In Candy Crush Saga, players fill up a Piggy Bank with every play (image 5). Once the bank is full, players are notified that for $2.99 they may open the bank (image 6).
  • Boost retention from live ops with multiple concurrent events: In Cookie Jam, multiple events are going on at once (image 7).
  • Let players spend to continue their retention bonus streak: In Candy Crush Jelly, players may spend two gold bars to continue their daily check-in streak or go ‘Back to day 1’ (image 8). The prize to revive increases the further along a player is paying to revive.
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