Let players select specific times-of-day for hourly events. Build anticipation for major feature releases. Trigger watch-to-earn dialogue for players not likely to purchase

  • Let club leaders set specific times for power hours: In Big Fish Casino, Club Power Hour allows club members to earn double points for their club for an hour each day (image 1 & 2).
  • Increase retention by offering a bonus coin package with purchase-collectable only within a certain timeframe: In Jackpot Party HD, the BOGO event awards players who purchase a BOGO today (image 3) a free BOGO tomorrow (image 4).
  • Build anticipation for upcoming major feature releases: In Slotomania, ‘Part 3’ of the Lucy video about Slotocards has a mysterious card that reads, ‘See you at the big celebration.’ There is no explanation and the video states, ‘Coming Soon’ (image 5 and see video at LiquidandGrit.com).
  • Trigger a watch-to-earn dialogue when non-payers are out of chips: In Hit it Rich, players are taken directly to a watch-to-earn dialogue when short on chips (image 6). Build in logic, based on a predictive model for a fully optimized system or based on number of impressions for a simplified system, to determine whether players should receive a watch-to-earn dialogue or a buy page.
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